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British Columbia is a great place to live if you are looking to buy a home. Known for it’s stunning natural beauty. BC is home to over 4.4 million people according to Statistics Canada and with the province’s decreasing birth rate, the province is expected to depend on immigration for all of its growth in the near future. British Columbia will depend heavily on immigrants to come work in Canada. Cost of living in British Columbia is among the highest in Canada and this is mainly due to housing costs, but the average personal yearly earnings in B.C. are also quite high to compensate the high costs. BC’s housing market should continue to grow in the future due to low mortgage interest rates, immigration to BC and increasing employment. An increase in first-time homebuyers and landed immigrants is expected to drive the 2014 British Columbia housing market, with the addition of 31,000 households.

Best Mortgage Brokers British Columbia should know the BC housing market, have access to multiple lenders and ave extensive experience with the ever growing new to Canada population. is one of British Columbia’s leading mortgage brokerage firms, offering seamless solutions to all your mortgage needs. Whether you want to buy a new home at a first time homebuyer, set up a business or even refinance an existing loan or mortgage, we offer you the perfect solution to cater to your specific requirement. We specialize in first time home buyer mortgages and New to Canada Mortgages. Request a call back and get us working for you.

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